The cuts to the 49  bus service have left people without cars in Halton stranded during the evenings and Sundays. The Lancaster Bus Users group are doing excellent work in looking after the interests of bus users in the area, so do join them and go along to their meetings.

We need some creative ways to help solve the problem that people have without cars living in Halton and Aughton. Lots of cars travelling to and from here have only one or two people in them, so sharing lifts, or cars, could really make a difference to people..

I have experience of setting up a car club and lift share scheme at Forgebank Cohousing. We have a voluntary system where people can say where and when they are driving, offering lifts, or to pick up shopping. I would like to duplicate the system across the Parish, and am looking at the best way to organise this. Do get in touch with any ideas or offers of help.