The gap between rhetoric and reality gets wider by the day


While the pressure was building up in my head from an ear and throat infection, it was not relieved by an evening of Boris and Keir both pretending to get how serious the climate crisis is while completely failing to come up with solutions that will even remotely begin to address the reality. as outlined by Kevin Anderson in his presentation last night to the Centre for Alternative Technology. Basically we have four years in the UK to get our energy demand to absolute zero (so we can then deal with the rest of our emissions from agriculture etc.)

According to Keir Starmer in his essay for the Fabians, the answer is Government working with the private sector on hydrogen planes and manufacturing British wind turbines. No mention of the fact that we could cut our emissions by more than a third if the elite reduced theirs just to the European average, or of the levelling up and job benefits of a massive insulation project.

As for Boris, cutting through his ridiculous rhetoric involving the Muppets and Sophocles, he said ““We are not talking about stopping the rise in temperatures – it is alas too late for that – but to restrain that growth to 1.5 degrees. And that means we need to pledge collectively to achieve carbon neutrality – net zero – by the middle of the century. And that will be an amazing moment if we can do it,” Kevin Anderson reckons we will have a sporting chance of reaching 1.5 degrees IF we achieve actual zero emissions in the next four or five years. If doubling the US international contributions to $11.2 billions (unlikely to get through Congress) and  China stopping investment in coal outside (not inside) China is the best we can come up with then we truly are f*cked.

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Kevin Frea is a Grandparent, Politician, Human Ecologist, Community Energy Practitioner and former Special Needs Teacher.