Planning Application comments have been made. A summary of the comments is provided below. Comments were submitted at 12:27 PM on 05 Dec 2018 from Mr Kevin Frea. Application Summary Address: Land To The Rear Of Pointer Grove And Adjacent To High Road Halton Lancashire Proposal: Erection of 66 dwellings with associated access, landscaping, open space, drainage, highway and parking arrangements and land re-profiling works Case Officer: Mr Mark Potts Customer Details Name: Mr Kevin Frea Address: 31 Forgebank Walk Halton Lancaster Type: Comment on the Application Stance: Customer objects to the Planning Application Reasons for comment: Comments: I am very concerned about the manner in which the developer has reduced the number, and size, of affordable homes from 40% to less than 10% in this proposed development. The following promise was made in the Russell Armer Statement of Community Involvement that will be considered again this time: “Will a further application be submitted to remove the affordable housing proposed? As part of the application Russell Armer Limited are proposing 40% affordable housing which is a high percentage but one that, at this point in time, they are committed to providing. To be clear there is no scenario whereby after a decision an application would be submitted to reduce the number of affordable houses unless there are significant unforeseen infrastructure costs on site or education contributions which necessitate this.” Russell Armer didn’t carry out a viability assessment last time, but they knew the nature of the site, so could hardly claim that the extra cost of building on an incline represents a ‘significant unforeseen infrastructure cost on site’. No community consultation has be made by Russell Armer before making this dramatic change following their initial promise. After analysing Government data in 2017, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England CPRE found that the number of affordable homes built in rural areas had halved over the previous five years. I suggest that Russell Armer made the promise to provide 40% of affordable homes to help them gain planning permission, knowing that they would apply to reduce the total before they started to build. I am also concerned about the additional burden placed on the surface water pipe that will take the outflow from the new development along High Road. I am convinced by Prof. Charles Ainger’s comments on this problem submitted as part of this consultation process. I ask that this Planning Permission be refused until the promised affordable homes are reinstated in the Application (the applicant can negotiate a reduction in the land price to compensate for the additional cost) and until the flood study currently being carried out by the Flood Authority reports on the flooding problems in November 2017 and the necessary improvements along High Road are carried out. I also note that the development is being proposed on a greenfield site that would not have been designated for housing in the developing Neighbourhood Plan, as it lies outside any previously designated village boundary.
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Kevin Frea is a Grandparent, Politician, Human Ecologist, Community Energy Practitioner and former Special Needs Teacher.