Russell Armer Homes have submitted a new planning application for 66 homes to the rear of Pointer Grove in Halton. The only change from their previous application is that they have reduced the number of ‘affordable homes from 26 to 6. I found the following promise (that they have now broken) in the Russell Armer ‘Statement of Community Involvement’ that will be considered again this time:

Will a further application be submitted to remove the affordable housing proposed?
As part of the application Russell Armer Limited are proposing 40% affordable
housing which is a high percentage but one that, at this point in time, they are
committed to providing. To be clear there is no scenario whereby after a
decision an application would be submitted to reduce the number of affordable
houses unless there are significant unforeseen infrastructure costs on site or
education contributions which necessitate this.


They didn’t carry out a viability assessment last time, but they knew the nature of the site, so could hardly claim that the extra cost of building on an incline represents a ‘significant unforeseen infrastructure cost on site’.

To make a comment on their planning application (deadline 05/12/18), and access the various documents:


Click on this link to the Planning Portal.

Click on Related Documents and then View Associated Documents then, when you’re ready, Make a Comment

The documents from last time have been copied over, and I am told that updates have been asked for from the various agencies. They will not have to do another community engagement exercise.

By email

“Alternatively you can comment by email to (preferably as an attachment). You must include the reference number 18/01422/FUL. You should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes of submitting your comments. If you do not receive a confirmation, this means they have not received your comments. If this is the case, consider submitting your comments online (see above).”

    • You can only comment on valid Planning Considerations. See here for information.
    • Here is some very useful information from David Barnett about the application
Russell Armer 18-01422-FUL
  • Do read comments submitted by other residents as a guide if you’re not sure what to say.
  • I can arrange to meet you in the Cafe at the Community Centre  if you need help with writing and submitting your comments. Just drop me an email or phone me.