May 2015
Paul WoodruffIndependent577
Bob BauldGreen423
Daniel Scott GibbinsConservative364
Catarina FinnertyLabour142
May 2011
Paul WoodruffIndependent795
Cat GilliesGreen133
May 2007
Paul WoodruffIndependent513
Brian JeffersonConservative367
Cherith AdamsGreen54
May 2003
Paul WoodruffIndependent606
John Clive RichardsonConservative95
Cherith Mary AdamsGreen60
May 1999
Paul WoodruffIndependent884
Jane BrownConservative151
Mick VareyLabour73
May 1995
Paul WoodruffIndependent413
Harry TowersConservative355
Ian WaterhouseLabour172
May 1991
Harry TowersConservative387
Paul WoodruffIndependent301
Keith FentonLib Dem253
Paul SmithGreen49
May 1987
May 1983
Harry TowersConservative418
Rosemary FentonLib Dem393
DJ NoonanLabour124
Paul WoodruffDART110
May 1979
Harry TowersConservativeReturned unopposed
May 1976
Harry TowersConservative712
JDV ScottLabour240
Jun 1973
Arnold LindleyIndependent632
Mary BowringConservative419
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Kevin Frea is a Grandparent, Politician, Human Ecologist, Community Energy Practitioner and former Special Needs Teacher.