Surplus Food Club

Labour Party members from Halton  are helping to set up a ‘food club’ for Halton-with-Aughton & Skerton residents this month, offering food recovered from supermarkets which would have otherwise gone to waste. The model has been developed by Labour Party members in Lancaster (see article in Lancaster Guardian)  and by Sustainability Morecambe, visited in August by the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (see article in The Visitor).

Food clubs are about keeping perfectly good food out of landfill and building communities. They offer a lifeline to people who are struggling to feed their families. Unlike food banks, anyone can participate so there is no stigma attached. People join and pay a couple of pounds each time to cover the cost of collecting the food and room hire.

We’re hoping to start in late September 2017, with the day and time yet to be decided. If you are interested in joining the club, and/or helping set it up and run it, please contact me.