Halton has three community owned energy projects - Halton Lune Hydro and two solar roof installations, which all plough their profits back into the community. The renewable energy they generate is fed into the grid, and Halton residents buy it at full price from their electricity supply company.

Energy Local have a pilot project with Bethesda Hydro to cut out the middleman and sell the hydro electricity directly to local residents. They are connected to the local grid, whereas in Halton we are connected straight in to the 11Kv network so there are additional technical problems to overcome, but sooner or later we will be able to achieve something similiar. This would mean that residents would get cheaper electricity, and the projects get more income, enabling them to plough more back into the community

Meanwhile, I'm working with the Carbon Coop, who are part of the Nobel Grid Project to install smart meters and software at Lancaster Cohousing to enable residents to match their consumption with locally generated electricity from hydro and solar. As soon as this is up and running we'll arrange for a demonstration for local people.