The following motion, signed by 18 Councillors from 3 Political Parties, was lodged with the Mayor, Cllr Andy Kay, and Lancaster City Council chief executive, Susan Parsonage on Friday 19th October. The Mayor asked for the meeting to be called immediately but, despite further requests, no date has been set by the Chief Executive.

Dear Mayor,
We the undersigned Councillors request that you call an Extraordinary Council Meeting, under Part 4, Section 1, 3.1 of the Council Procedure Rules to consider the following motion:
This Council recognises the incredible value that the Musician’s Coop has brought to the culture and economy of Lancaster for more than 30 years.
This Council resolves that:
1. The eviction notice issued to the Musician’s Co-op on Friday 12th October is immediately rescinded
2. An urgent meeting between the Musicians Co-op and the Council is arranged to review the situation, and explore possible future arrangements that support the long term future of the Coop..
3. An action plan is formulated to address the building condition report issues and how best the funds to pay for them could be raised.
4. If remedial and/or long term repairs are not viable, as agreed in consultation with the Musicians Co-op, then the Council will work with the Musicians Co-op to find suitable alternative premises before they have to move.
5. There is an urgent review, led by Councillors, into the process by which decisions are made about council properties occupied by external users, which could have a significant impact upon these users. This review should ensure that any such proposals are subject to full consultation with occupants and councillors and that the final decision is made by Councillors.
Proposed: Cllr. Kevin Frea (Labour)
Seconded: Cllr. Carla Brayshaw (Labour), Cllr. Oliver Robinson (Labour), Cllr. Amara Betts-Patel (Labour), Cllr. Rob Devey (Labour), Cllr. Jean Parr (Labour), Cllr. Colin Hartley (Labour), Cllr. David Whitaker (Labour), Cllr. John Reynolds (Labour), Cllr. Jon Barry (Green), Cllr. Tim Hamilton-Cox (Green), Cllr. Caroline Jackson (Green), Cllr. Dave Brookes (Green), Cllr. Nick Wilkinson (Green), Cllr. Abi Mills (Green), Cllr. Peter Williamson (Conservative), Cllr. Mel Guilding (Conservative), Cllr. Peter Yates (Conservative)


Assuming that all of the opposition Councillors will vote for the motion, having the support of at least 9 Labour Councillors means that the Motion is certain to be passed. Given that this will happen, I find it incredible that almost two weeks after the Notice was issued (out of the blue) there has been no meeting with the Co-op or the Notice rescinded.

This leaves a third weekend for more stories in the national press like this one, and more comments from celebrities (that already include comedian Phil Jupitus and Radio 6 Presenter Marc Riley)   and bands that owe so much to the Coop like Sleaford Mods and the Lovely Eggs