About Me

I  have lived in Halton for almost 5 years, at Forgebank Cohousing next to the River. My wife, Alison Cahn, and I love living in Halton – singing with Lune Valley Voices at Halton Centre; walking most days to the Crook O’Lune and beyond; participating in surveys of butterflies, moths, fish & birds; eating at the Red Door Café and being able to access all of the events and facilities at Halton Mill.

We like to give back to the village too. We were involved in organising the digging of the B4RN cable from Aughton to Halton and enjoy using the fastest broadband in the world! As a Director of Halton Lune Hydro, I was responsible for raising £1.3 million in community shares to finance the hydro, which now produces both clean energy and much needed funds for worthwhile projects in the Parish.

I have three children, two step children and four grand children. I spent much of my life as a Special Needs Teacher in Bristol and Birmingham, and worked until recently as a Home Tutor in Lancaster & Morecambe, with children who had been excluded from school.

I am hugely grateful to the NHS for the excellent services that I have needed recently for a hip replacement and heart surgery. I am currently fit and well thanks to the dedication and skill of nurses, doctors and other staff, and expect as a result to live a long and healthy life.

I trained as a Teacher at Crewe & Alsager College of Education, have a degree in Special Needs Teaching from Birmingham University and a Master’s degree in Human Ecology from Strathclyde University

I was the Officer-in-Charge of two Children’s Homes in London and then worked as an advocate for parents at Special Educational Needs Tribunals. I later established two small businesses in new areas of the economy. Firstly I set up one of the UK’s early organic vegetable box schemes in Cardiff.  Then, when the internet started taking off in the late 1990s, I created  The Name Company, hosting thousands of websites and registering domain names, something I still do on a smaller scale, on servers powered by wind, rain and sun.

In 2010 I changed direction, establishing and working with a number of community energy projects, and helped set up Community Energy England. I hold four Directorships: of Halton Lune Hydro; of LESS (Lancaster) CIC, which supports local food growing and energy saving; of Lancaster Community Car Club CIC and of Lancaster Cohousing.

I am a person who gets things done, wanting to make the world a better place in a practical way. During my life I have worked with lots of projects that have social, economic and environmental benefits. I care passionately about creating a fairer society, reducing inequality and making sure that everyone has a voice, regardless of who they are and where they live. I will carry this passion into my role as a councillor, standing up against injustice and poor decision-making, ensuring that the people of Halton-with-Aughton have an active representative on the City Council. I will work to make sure the Council delivers on it’s policies to devolve power back to local communities and “put people and communities at the heart of planning”.